50+ Year Old Division of the Central North Carolina Men’s Senior Baseball League

UNC TV’s Heather Burgiss takes us out to the ballgame in Burlington to meet some men who aren’t letting their age keep them away from their field of dreams and the love of baseball. With names like the Alamance Giants and the Smithfield-Selma Reds, Heather introduces us to these seasoned over 50-year-old players who are part of the Central North Carolina league in the National Men’s Senior Baseball League where their love of the game has created a sense of community and home.

Just because you can no longer outrun the kids on the team you coach or feel like you might need an oxygen tank after a triple doesn’t mean you don’t still love playing baseball.

The season starts with new player tryouts in February and starts in earnest in early April. By September you’ll have about 20 games behind you and hopefully be playing for the championship. 

50+ Division