I worked out like Tom Brady at the TB12 Center

I have a butt problem.

Specifically, I sit on it too much and I don’t use the muscles packed into it as much as I should.

That’s one of the revelations I discovered during a visit to the TB12 Sports Therapy Center, the gym/treatment facility opened by Tom Brady and his body coach Alex Guerrero to give both future Hall of Famers and those who don’t play football for a living a chance to embrace what everyone around there calls “The Method.”

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Avoiding Hamstring Injuries

One of the most common injuries in baseball occurs when a player running the bases suddenly pulls up short and starts limping. The cause: a pulled hamstring. It seems like they come out of nowhere, but they are caused by factors hidden beneath the skin.

The hamstrings play a critical role in sprinting, throwing and hitting. They are most frequently injured when athletes decelerate or try to control movement. Pitchers usually injure the hamstring on their plant leg, because it absorbs the explosive force from the throw.

Hamstring injuries are preventable if you take the correct action. You need to train your hamstrings eccentrically (i.e., during the lowering part of a movement), build glute strength and develop a strong core before the season starts.

Try incorporating two or three of the following exercises into your lower-body program. Switch them up each workout to continue challenging your hamstrings so you will be ready for the long baseball season.

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Sanford Marlins Win 40+ Championship Series

The #1 seed 40+ Sanford Marlins knocked off the #2 seed 40+ Alamance Giants in the 40+ Central North Carolina MSBL Championship Game.

In the game, Doug Barefoot pitched six strong innings giving up only three runs on seven hits to earn the win for the Marlins.  Dan Thomsonrelieved Doug in the seventh and held the Giants scoreless for the rest of the game. The Marlins won 6-3, behind strong offensive efforts from Wayne Williamson (2 for 4), Skillz McFadden (2 for 4) and Darron Healey(2 for 4).

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Kakalacks Make it Eight Titles in 11 Years

After working through the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, fortunately, the field slated for the championship was playable in spite of being flooded out at the beginning of the week. After winning the 2nd semi-final in the first game of the day, which had not been played due to weather, the K-Zone Brewers took on the Carolina Kakalacks in the 18+ Championship.

The Kakalacks got the scoring early, with two runs in the first inning off two hits, then went on to score runs in the third and fourth innings, adding on three more runs in the fifth which proved to be enough to win the game, 7-3. Top hitters for the Kaks included Paul Regan, who went 2-4 with a double, 2 runs scored, and an RBI. Player/Manager Adrian Matlockwas the difference, going 2-4 with a double, a triple, and three RBIs.

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50+ Senators Championship Team Photo

Senators Win 50+ Title

For the second year in a row the #2 seed knocked off the #1 seed in the 50+ Central North Carolina MSBL. Last year it was the Giants shocking the Fayetteville Mets in the final game of a two out of three championship. This year it was the Giants being knocked off by the #2 seeded Senators of Holly Springs. The Alamance Giants, managed by Bob Patterson, had led the league from the first day and looked to be unstoppable. Patterson and the Giants only lost two games all summer but the Senators were able to accomplish the feat twice in one day to sweep the championship series.

Mark Simpson pitched a complete game in the opening contest of the championship series. Simpson was able to spread nine hits over the nine innings with nine strikeouts and only two walks.  The Senators won 9-5. Dave Blaha of the Senators led offensively with four hits followed by John Mawyin with three. The Giants were led offensively by Jerry Russell who managed four base hits. Russell was followed by Pate with two base hits.

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