Baseball players wearing masks during the Flu epidemic of 1918.

Covid-19 Prevention

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The CNCMSBL will implement the following items in an effort to protect our league participants from the spread of COVID-19.

The CNCMSBL player waiver form now specifically addressed the risk involved with playing baseball with regards to the potential contraction of COVID-19. Waiver must be signed prior to participation in the league.

  • Umpires will now be required to sign waivers as well prior to participation.
  • Eliminate the passage of paper copies of line-up cards/batting orders to umpires and opposing managers. Should be transferred via email/text when possible.
  • Each team will provide their own baseballs while on defense; this will minimize the number of players in contact with balls. Minimize umpire contact with balls if possible.
  • Pitchers will NOT be allowed to “go to their mouth” between pitches. This will constitute an “illegal” ball and must immediately be replaced by the pitching team.
  • Dugouts will be closed or have limited access and all players shall stay outside the field of play at a safe distance from each other where possible.
  • No sharing of equipment between players.
  • Schedule games with at least 1 hour in between games in an effort to limit the amount of interaction entering/leaving the field.
  • No post-game handshakes or high fives.
  • Minimize or eliminate “infield meetings” on the mound.
  • When holding a meeting on the mound between catcher, pitcher and/or manager, all participants need to stay a safe distance from each other.

Sign the covid-19 waiver

The CNCMSBL reserves the right to consider modifying or adding to the above based on field design, field conditions and lessons learned as the year progresses.