Willie Mays signing his 1960 baseball contract

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Babe Ruth's Yankee contract
Babe Ruth’s Yankee contract

If you are looking for an adult baseball league, you’ve found one!

We are always looking for guys that love to play baseball. If you would like to find out more about how you can play baseball with a bunch of guys who love it as much as you do, let us know and we’ll be in touch.

Will I get on a team?

Short answer, probably. Every team is always on the lookout for players, and once the season starts we generally assign new guys to the geographically closest team. What happens after that is up to you. Like any other team you’ve been a part of, you’ll have to work your way into the starting lineup.

Honestly, most teams have a core bunch of guys and breaking in (especially mid-season) can be tough. If you’re coming back to baseball after being away, use that time to get up to where you want to be. Don’t give up if you don’t play every inning of every game right from the start. Ask your manager to let you know where you stand if you’re unsure.

We currently have 4 different age groups. Our largest group is the 18 and over baseball league. We also have a 32 and over baseball league, a 50 and over baseball league and a new 60+ Classic baseball league.

What are the costs involved?

The cost to participate as a player for the full season is between $240 – $350. The cost depends on a few different things, including how many guys are on the team. Each team is responsible to pay for field rentals, umpires, baseballs, uniforms, insurance, etc. for their 17+ games although the league picks up the tab for the all-star and playoff games. We typically try to hold all-star games and post season games at nice facilities (USA Baseball, Ting Stadium, Burlington Royals Stadium….).

If you join a team part way through the season talk with the manager about what your costs will be.


Each team sets its own practice schedule, but the games are usually on weekend afternoons. Plan on playing every weekend (except holiday weekends) from April through September.

Where we play

Our teams try to find the best fields that we can afford to play on. The cost of some fields make them more attractive. During the playoffs, the league picks up the cost of renting fields at the USA Baseball National Training Facility in Cary.

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