League: 50+ Division

Rebels vs Reds

11 - 3
Full Time

Gray Marlins vs. 50 Giants

8 - 14
Full Time

Reds vs Rebels

8 - 10
Full Time

50 Giants vs Gray Marlins

20 - 0
Full Time

Rieleros vs. Giants-50

13 - 7
Full Time

50 Red Sox vs Rebels

1 - 14
Full Time

Gray Marlins vs. Mets

3 - 7
Full Time

Reds vs Rockies

20 - 5
Full Time

Mets vs Senators

10 - 1
Full Time

Dodgers vs 50 Giants

0 - 11
Full Time

Rieleros vs Rockies

6:30 pm

Dodgers vs 50 Giants

6 - 5
Full Time

50+ Giants vs Senators

Early Lead For Giants Seals Fate For Holly Springs Senators

The Senators watched the game slip away early and couldn’t recover in a 14-1 loss to Giants on Sunday. The Giants took the lead on a stolen base in the first inning.

The Senators struggled to put runs on the board and had a tough time defensively containing Giants, giving up 14 runs. The Giants opened up scoring in the first inning scoring on a stolen base during Wright’s at bat. Then Wright singled. The Giants scored seven runs in the fourth inning. Their big bats were led by Wright, B Patterson, Will Jeffords, Tyler, Curtis Patterson, and Jeff Husen, who all drove in runs.

Husen toed the rubber for Giants allowing ten hits and one run over six innings, striking out two and walking one.

Rob Isbell started the game for the Senators. The righthander lasted two innings, allowing four hits and two runs while walking zero. Dave Blaha and Troy Leher entered the game from the bullpen, throwing two and a third innings and one and two-thirds innings respectively.

The Senators tallied ten hits. Leher, Isbell, and Kerri Moody all managed multiple hits. Leher led Holly Springs Senators with three hits in three at bats.

The Giants tallied 15 hits on the day. Pablo Martinez, Tyler, Husen, Jeffords, Vuletta, and Bobby Lovett each had multiple hits for Giants. Martinez went 3-for-5 at the plate to lead Giants in hits. Giants didn’t commit a single error in the field. Jason Moffitt had the most chances in the field with six. Giants tore up the base paths, as seven players stole at least two bases. Lovett led the way with six.

14 - 1
Full Time

Dodgers vs Mets

4 - 2
Full Time

Reds vs 50 Red Sox

10 - 5
Full Time

Senators vs Rockies

Game Between Rockies And Senators Ends In A Tie

The Rockies and Holly Springs Senators played to a 10-10 tie on Sunday. The Rockies tied the game on a stolen base in the seventh inning.
The Senators took an early lead in the second inning when Jeff Moore singled on a 1-2 count, scoring one run.
In the bottom of the seventh inning, the Rockies tied things up at ten when they scored one run on a stolen base.
The Senators notched four runs in the second inning. The Senators offense in the inning was led by Tom Turner, Dave Blaha, Kerri Moody, and Moore, who each had RBIs.
The Senators scattered 12 hits in the game. Blaha, Moody, Turner, and Rob Isbell each collected multiple hits. Isbell, Turner, Moody, and Blaha each collected two hits to lead the Senators. The Rockies tallied 14 hits on the day. Scott Myers, Paul Foland, Chub Little, and Dan Roche all managed multiple hits for Rockies.

10 - 10
Full Time