Damon Herbert picks off a Giants baserunner

Take More Baseball Photos

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Part of what ties us to baseball is our memories. Our memories are tied to specific events that trigger the associated emotions.

As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I have lots of memories that are tied to specific images from the past.

You have memories from your time playing in the CNCMSBL, but probably no photos to commemorate them. Unfortunately, Sports Illustrated and ESPN don’t yet cover our league.

Luckily, almost everyone at our games brings a camera. Most of us leave it stuffed in a bag, but we could snap a few photos at a game and change this website as well as how we remember games, teammates and seasons.If you missed the 2020 preseason tryouts that happened this spring, you missed me and someone’s 12-year-old son walking around just snapping photos of anything and everything.

Taking Baseball Photos With Your Phone

The main thing to try to overcome when you are using your iPhone or Android smartphone to take action shots is how far away you are from the action.

You can zoom in and probably get some good photos of your guys batting, because that’s fairly close.

iPhone X photo from on-deck area

In the photo above, I used the “burst photo” technique to take about 10 or 12 rapid-fire photos to get a choice of photos. After the game, I took a few minutes and picked the best of the burst to save, and discarded the rest.

The sun is harsh during mid-day games but allows for great action shots because there is so much light you only need the shutter open a fraction of a second.

Becoming Famous

This website would be much better if we included photos and other non-text assets with each game wrap-up. We have the ability to add stats to each game, but we also can add as much as we want to recap a game.

Last week I added a couple of photos and a synopsis of the Rebels vs. Senators game. The game page now looks much more complete and interesting. Rob Isbell’s at-bat is now forever at the top of the game and Damon Herbert’s slightly blurry delivery is showcased in the middle of the page.

Who Can Add Photos?

Every team manager has access to this website, so if you have a way to get photos off your device and to your manager, then your photos can be added.

If you took a good photo and want to streamline the process, you can also email them directly to me: photos@cncmsbl.com

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