Reds vs 50 Red Sox

10 - 5
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50 Red Sox vs Reds

2 - 8
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Senators vs Reds

17 - 11
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Reds vs Senators

12:30 pm

Reds vs Rieleros (DH-7 inn)

1 - 22
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Rieleros vs Reds (DH-7 inn)

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8 - 14
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Holly Springs Senators vs Carolina Reds

19 - 8
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Carolina Reds vs 50+ Raleigh Red Sox

5 - 9
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Carolina Reds vs Raleigh Rebels

Reds Runs Away With Early Lead in Victory

The Rebels fell behind early and couldn’t come back in a 12-3 loss to Carolina Reds on Sunday.

The Rebels struggled to contain the high-powered offense of the Reds, giving up 12 runs. The Reds fired up the offense in the second inning and scored four more in the sixth inning.

Quincy Marshal and Mitch each had RBIs in the big inning. Tom Hall earned the victory on the pitcher’s mound for Carolina Reds. The fireballer went seven innings, allowing three runs on 11 hits and striking out four.

Damon Herbert took the loss for Raleigh Rebels. The hurler surrendered five runs on two hits over two innings, striking out two and walking one. Joey Sogluizzo started the game for Raleigh Rebels. Sogluizzo allowed 11 hits and seven runs over five innings, striking out five. The Rebels collected 11 hits.

Todd Koenitz and Ken Davidson both managed multiple hits for the Rebels collecting two hits each.

Dick went 2-for-4 at the plate to lead the Reds in hits.

12 - 3
Full Time

Giants vs Carolina Reds

17 - 3
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Mets vs Reds

12 - 13
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